Sunday, May 24, 2009

Bridget's Website--Feedback Requested

Has anyone here seen or spent time on Bridget's website? I initially thought a website would be the best way to share our story, but soon realized that it was extremely difficult to update (every time I make a change, other things move around, fonts change, etc.). The blog is the opposite, but is harder to navigate for basic information. I was thinking of closing down the website and transferring its contents here. Does anyone have comments or suggestions?

Thanks everyone for the comments on this. I had a feeling that the website is valuable as is (without being updated). I am guessing that the website and blog appeal to people for different reasons. When I started the blog, I decided to add a link here and stop updating the website. But, it seems like lots of people find one or the other in searching for information on Down syndrome. It also seems like lots of people find the blog or the website, but not both. A larger button is a great idea (I am still trying to figure out how to make a "real" button, but I have created a new, larger link to the website on the sidebar to the right for now). Any other thoughts?


  1. I didn't realize you had a website too, and just checked it out. Lovely! I would not close it down.

    Maybe create a button that is more visible for it on this site. I didn't notice the link at the bottom of the welcome notes until just now and I've been following your blog for a few months now.

  2. I found Bridget's website about a week ago after my sister had her third little girl (who has DS). The website has been such an inspiration to all of us. We love it. I understand if it's a lot of work, though. As long as the contents could be transferred to the blog, I think that would be fine. Please don't get rid of it completely though. It has been a true blessing to me and my family.

  3. I agree w/ Carol. Very nice site, but I'd never checked it out, either. Too bad blogs don't have tabs or pages, but a button might help that points to your website.

  4. I totally agree with Carol N.! I too had no idea but love the site. Big button would be nice! You have the way of looking at your child the closest to mine that Ih ave found online- I could write your posts and poems myself it feels sometimes (except for the religious thoughts which are great, just not mine). It looks like 9 thousand something have visited so don't toss away all of that work! I promise I'll come back thare!

  5. Starrlife, I couldn't find a way to contact you directly, but wanted to respond about my religious beliefs...just because I haven't posted about them specifically and because you may find it interesting. I basically believe that there is some type of order to the world; that some things are meant to be (through God, or fate--which I know doesn't exactly jive) and that we may not always understand "why" until much later; that we can learn from every person and every experience; that goodness abounds and that love always prevails. I believe there is always reason to be hopeful and I have great faith that all answers will come, in time.

    I believe in energies and the power of thoughts.

    So...I am very spiritual, but not particularly religious (certainly not in an organized sense). I have more of an academic approach to "religion" than I care to admit freely. I enjoy religious texts of all types, as literature. On a spiritual level, I appreciate ideas and ritual from many different religions (Western & Eastern), because I see the value in each.

    We all need guiding principles to keep us on the right path. Feel free to share yours!

  6. Hi Lisa,

    I agree with the button idea too.... lots of great information on your website...I think a button would help more families find it. :)

  7. Lisa: Now I'm thinking we're twins:)
    Thanks for taking the time to clarify- I'm not sure where I got a different idea but I appreciate your beliefs. Mine are quite similar! I have a deep source of faith and resilience but I couldn't really say from where. At times I believe I am just so curious that I need to know what is going to happen next - a crude form of optimism. All I know is that my daughter's DS does not seem like the worst thing, in fact she is one of the best things I have ever had happen in my life - and you are a spirit sister in that regard!!

  8. Hi Lisa,
    I love both sites and wish I would have found Bridget's webpage much sooner. Tough decision, but I know no matter which you choose, you should feel so proud of the number of lives you've touched through both the blog and webpage! And keep it up sista! I look forward to each and every update!

    hugs, hugs, and a little chocolate,

  9. Lisa,
    I had to comment (I wanted to call you!) I found your web site after Kamryn was born and it saved me. I was so scard and to see a growing, happy, healthy baby and family gave me the hope I needed! I still check it out to review development and she grows. I would love to see you leave it. It might help someone as it helped me.....I could never thank you enough for what it brought me. Thank you, you touched my family and heart! Andrea

  10. I think you should leave it 'open' too. And please keep those updates on Bridget and your family coming! :)