Friday, February 20, 2009

Our Beautiful Life covered in snot. I can't wait for Spring.

In the past month, I've seen every episode of Hi-5 ever made, ten times each. We've gone through 5 huge boxes of Kleenex (thank God for the kind with lotion), three bottles of calming bath foam, and more Tylenol & cough drops than you'd think possible.

I've cleaned our three humidifiers six times each, washed enough sheets and pillowcases to cover our entire neighborhood, and neglected the dishes almost every night.

I've been out of the house only to go to the doctor, the grocery store and to drive Sara to dance class. A woman can only be trapped in her house for so long. Lack of light and air is a serious problem. I feel like a cat trying to find the sunny spots in the house.

I spent yesterday afternoon on the family room couch with my box of Kleenex and a bag of Spicy Sweet Chili Doritos (which are addictive, and the only thing I am interested in eating right now) watching, yep, Hi-5. Someone save me.

All this reminds me of a post I read at Unringing the Bell. I can so relate...


  1. My mother thinks I make too many references to snot in my blog posts. I beg to differ. I told her that she has to look at the demographic group of my readers--we're all surrounded by it, whether it's our own or our child's. Ugh. I totally feel for you, and hope it passes quickly! And I have to totally, totally agree with you about the Spicy Sweet Chili Doritos--they're the BEST!

  2. So sorry- hope you feel better soon! Snot season is kind of like mud season except it's in feb didn't you know? And it's almost March.... yeahhh!

  3. Yuck! I hope you all feel better soon. Spring cant come fast enough!

  4. I love the title of this post and the sentence after it....that is sooooo my life right now! Hope everyone is doing better!!!!