Monday, February 02, 2009

Best Friends Photo Shoot--Conny Wenk

In case you haven't had a chance to visit photographer Conny Wenk's blog recently, she's moved here. RUN, don't walk :) check out these incredible photos of best friends Tamara & Giuliana (both in 7th grade, both have Ds). These pictures highlight each girl's individual personality (or depth of dimension) & also their connectedness.

Conny has such a talent for capturing the sweetness of LIFE in her photos. They are vibrant and interesting and full of information about the subjects.

In the pictures of Tamara and Giuliana, we see two hip, fun-loving girls who happen to have Down syndrome. Both girls are stylish, love cell phones, laptop computers and listening to music on their IPods. In a few of the shots, the girls are in Starbucks hanging out and genuinely enjoying each other's company. Talk about blasting stereotypes...


  1. I agree:

    Tamara and Giuliana are two BEAUTIFUL girls :)

    and Conny is so talented. I love her work!!!.

  2. Oh wow...those pictures just totally made me day!! Thank you so much for sharing the link : )

  3. I saw those photos the other night and L-O-V-E-D them too! Yay, Conny!

  4. Wasn't it just amazing. I adore Conny Wenk [I actually fantasize about a day when Conny would be able to photograph my daughter....all I need to do is get to Germany or her to the States!!!!]

    This series brought me such great joy!!!