Tuesday, May 03, 2011

A New Journey Begins

Spring is a time of renewal, growth and new life—the perfect time to begin anew.

And it just so happens that one of my favorite families is growing--both literally and figuratively--through adoption.

My sweet blogging friend Amy and her husband John are beginning their journey to Davis, a beautiful little boy with Down syndrome in an orphanage in Eastern Europe. 

Isn’t he the sweetest thing? He’s gonna steal some hearts with those big brown eyes, I am sure. Davis turns 4 this month (thank goodness, his family found him just in time). He’ll join siblings Josh (9), Anna (7) and Ben (4, Ds). 

Please stop by and show this awesome family some love!


  1. he is so cute! Their family is so similar in ages to mine! We have an almost nine year old, 6 1/2 and then 4 and adding another 4 year old like them! So fun! I just added her blog to my blogroll!

  2. Precious boy!

    Praise God....

  3. thank you lisa.
    for everything.

  4. Hi there. I just wanted to leave a comment and let you know how your sweet website really helped my family when my cousin was born with DS. I've been visiting your blog for awhile...just haven't left a comment yet! Thank you again for the comfort you gave my familiy. We very much appreciate it :)
    I just started blogging myself and can't wait to keep checking back here for updates!