Sunday, December 19, 2010

Moments Like These

...more than make up for the moments of chaos around here ;).  
Waiting for the bus
New dress-up outfits from Nana
Chef Bridget
Chef Alina
We are busy with holiday preparations and activities, celebrating the season and helping others in need.  We are giving thanks for all of our blessings each and every day.

This is a magical time of the year.  It is also a season of miracles.

Do you remember beautiful Elizabeth

She is getting a family for Christmas--she is being rescued!!

Amazing things have also been happening over at A Perfect Lily! Thank you so much to everyone who has donated, advocated or prayed for sweet Olga.  Patti has already raised over $12,000 from the iPod giveaway for Olga's adoption fund!  This is a HUGE amount, and should be an enormous incentive for a family to come forward for her.  I know it will happen, I just hope it is soon!

Patti has been so successful in raising money and awareness for Olga, that Andrea at Reece's Rainbow has asked her to advocate for a second child, beautiful little Kareen (who is also nearing imminent transfer to an institution).  You might have guessed what this means that TWO children are going to be saved, and there is a new giveaway to make that happen sooner than later! 

Please go here to learn more about how you can have the chance to win a brand new iPad, AND be part of a Christmas miracle for Olga and Kareen :)!  

There are many, many other children who are in desperate need of families.  If your heart is leading you to it, please visit Reece's Rainbow and do whatever you can to help.


  1. Oh my gosh! The chef outfits...edible on those adorable girls!!! LOVE!!!! Merry Christmas to your beautiful family! Praying that hundreds of orphans find their forever family this holiday season.

  2. I love when you post pictures of the girls--especially in those ADORABLE outfits! Too cute! I wish there were more matching options for Josi and Nadia but the size differences makes it kind of tricky.

    Enjoy the holidays with those 2 munchkins! I know things will be lively if nothing else at your house this year!!!

  3. The chef outfits are completely adorable. Merry Christmas, and best wishes celebrating Alina's first Christmas with a family!!

  4. Love it......just totally love those two!!

  5. oh these pictures made me cry! For some reason I am consumed with Reeces Rainbow the last few weeks and am starting to seriously wonder if I should be doing this! Kareen is one that I have looked at, her and Maribel and Lillian because they are all so close to my Bree's age! How far apart are your girls? How old was Alina when you got her home? How much did your adoption cost and does the cost of the adoption include travel fees or is that additional?

  6. Kecia :)...Alina is 9 months younger than Bridget. She turned 3 a month before we got to her, and will be 4 this March. Kareen, Maribel and Lillian are all gorgeous little girls who would make great sisters for Bree and the girls :)! GO FOR IT!!

    About costs: Our adoption was around 16,000, because we only had to take one trip. But plan on around $22,000-25,000 total, depending on the country. (The different countries vary quite a bit in terms of cost and length of process. I can give you more details privately. Send me a message on facebook with questions or other thoughts!)