Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Notes from PT

Today, Bridget had her weekly physical therapy session at school. Her PT sends a note home each time she works with Bridget. In the note today: a list of the things they worked on together (jumping, going up and down curbs & stairs, tiptoes, running, standing on 1 leg, balance beam, kicking, playing catch). There was also a little note at the bottom of the page:
"Bridget becomes jealous when I work with other students which motivates her to impress me :)."
Bridget, jealous? Interesting. I wonder what she'll do when we bring a new little sister home from Eastern Europe in May...


  1. WOW! I love when the therapist go above and beyond the forms to let you know about YOUR child. I think that Bridget will be a wonderful sister and maybe being bigger and older is what she is practicing for so that she can show her new sister all kinds of things:)

  2. I bet she is going to be such a great big sister, but probably just a tiny bit jealous!

  3. Oh it will be such a journey. Your new child will be her new sister so perhaps she will be possessive rather than jealous?

  4. Is this a therapist she sees through the county schools? If so, I'm so jealous! I was just complaining that I have not heard from Payton's ST at school all school year!

    BTW be ready for jealousy. It is bound to happen, and is hard to deal with. :)

  5. I'll add sibling jealousy to my list of things to anticipate :). It is good to know that she is having those types of feelings already (since we have not seen it at home), or else I might feel really responsible if I just noticed it once Alina is home. And yes, Bridget's PT is the one at school. She is awesome! Our SLP also writes notes weekly with similar types of details. We are not hearing much from the classroom teacher or the other therapists, but things are going smoothly right now (as far as we know, I guess. Ha!).