Friday, March 04, 2011

Heard Recently Around Our House

Bridget, when she hears the microwave beep: “Mommy! Poppy ready!” (your coffee is ready!) “Oh, what that ‘mell?  'Mell like poppy. ‘Mell good!” (What’s that smell?  It smells like coffee. It smells good!)

Bridget, after seeing butterflies on the potty seat: “Butterflies ” (flapping arms, looking upward) “Angels fly!”

Me: “I don’t want to see anyone naked in our family room. And I am especially talking to anyone who is three or four!” (The three and four year olds must not have been listening.)

Bridget (heard often): 

“Not cool!” 

“No way!”

“Stop it!”

“Oh, you’re right!”

“Oh, that is soooo silly!”

“Oh, ache you!” (Oh, thank you!)

"No Happy"

Me: "Bridget, would you like something to eat?"  
Bridget: "Oh! Ache you, mommy! Yes, a piece a cake!!"

Me:  "Bridget, what are you doing?" (after I saw that Little Bear had ended and she was still glued to the t.v.).  
Bridget:  “I watchin’ Pungebobs!" (Spongebob). "I wike it!"

(Bridget and Alina don't watch Spongebob.  But obviously, Bridget knows who that is!) 


  1. So great! Can't wait until my little guy is able to tell me what's on his mind. :)

  2. LOL!!! Too sweet! I love the amazing phrases our kids surprise us with and make us giggle about every day. I seriously wonder where Sammi comes up with some stuff - gotta love the influence of other kids...

    Cake is a favorite request in our house, too. :-)

  3. So fun to hear what she is saying these days! I'm curious what Alina's verbal skills are. Is she talking at all? Would love a report on how she's progressing.

  4. How do you ever pull yourself away from kissing that face long enough to blog? She's just so smoochable! Love it, every bit!

    Love finds a way,

  5. LOVE it, they are so adorable! Can't wait to have our EE princess home to hear these type of conversations.

  6. So sweet, cute & funny! I know what you mean about the Spongebob thing ~ my kids knew all the characters but weren't supposed to be watching it!

  7. Thanks, everyone :)! Bridget's spoken language has exploded in the past few months. She is coming up with new things daily, which is both funny and fun.

    Rachel, Alina was babbling (Russian sounds) when we brought her home...she was saying very few words. She does say a few words in English now (understands EVERYTHING in English), signs some things too...and is really working on communicating in general. I'll do an update post about her! Her birthday is coming up next week, so I was planning on it already :).

  8. What a chatty Kathy! :) Oh, and by the way, the microwave thing doesn't end. As soon as it beeps here Josi announces, "Your Food Is Ready" because that's what it says on the readout. Too funny!

  9. I wuv it! She's so adorable and chatty! :-)