Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Living in the Light, Explained

When we merged Bridget's Light and Loving Alina, there was little question whether our new blog title would include the word light.  Our whole story revolves around it.

We couldn't have predicted how Bridget's arrival would change us, would enrich us.  Or how Bridget's light would lead us to Alina--and how Alina herself would further enrich us.  But it did, and they did.  Bridget and Alina have brought a special warmth and clarity to our family that we didn't know we were missing.  

With open eyes and open hearts, we now live a new truth.  We are keenly aware that all people are the same within.  Though none of us is "perfect", we are all perfectly made

We all have challenges...and gifts.  And each one of us adds to the whole.  Our youngest girls add in so many ways.  Above all, they've multiplied the goodness in our lives...in spades.

We've gained perspective--we see Life through a new lens.  We waste little time worrying about the superficial, and our home is filled with laughter and warmth.  Our two littlest girls are a huge part of that--they shine.

Things aren't always easy, or sparkly, at our house.  We're not exceptionally virtuous, though we try our best to live right and to be grateful for each day.  We're living an ordinary life, but we're aware, joyful and appreciative.  

We are Living in the Light.
These two little girls have blessed us beyond belief.  They're vibrant, beautiful people who are so very loved and enjoyed.

Please join us as our family story continues to unfold.  Day or night, you are welcome to come visit here.  Come laugh with us and learn with us, and be empowered.

There's a whole lot of darkness out there.  Let the light in...

Love, Lisa

*Alina was named by her birth parents...her name means light.


  1. Beautiful. These kids are sent to this earth to bring light and simple joy to all who know them. We are looking forward to meeting our new little lightbulb in less than 3 weeks! So happy for you and can't wait to see your story unfold.

  2. Beautiful post. And I love that you kept Alina's birth name. I think that's important, and, in her case, so very, very appropriate.

  3. Beautiful Lisa and the new name of the blog is ABSOLUTELY perfect and fitting!

  4. Well, I was going to say Beautiful...but since that's already been said, I'll say....

    touching and inspiring and SO true. I love what you said.

    You're family is such a beautiful example of what can be if you have the faith to step out (Alina) and if you choose to live in the light.

  5. I didn't remember that Alina was given her name by her birth parents! That is so neat and so very touching that it ties in with your bringing 'light' into the perspective of raising children with Ds. How cool!!!

  6. A friend of mine used the word "inhale" as she wrote about her gratitude, appreciative, love, goodness, and making her way through the dark. As I read your post tonight, "Inhale" is a perfect fit. "Inhale the love and light." XO

  7. Lisa, the story you have is amazing! I remember reading one of your posts when you talked about wanting tons of windows in your new house so the light would shine in...I think that was even before Bridget?! Living in the Light, a beautiful title, a beautiful story (still unfolding) and a beautiful way to live! I'm so glad I live in the light too!:) I didn't know we were missing it either! xoxo Andrea

  8. I think you are an incredible human being :)