Saturday, September 25, 2010

She Remembers

Many people have asked whether Alina misses the orphanage, and whether she remembers the people or her time there.

Alina is becoming more verbal, but she doesn't have the words to tell us what she remembers about her groupa or her life at Solnishko.

Tonight Chris discovered a few pictures on his Blackberry that we had taken while we were there.  He showed one picture to Alina.  Her face lit up.  She started pointing to the faces, one by one.  I asked, "Alina, can you show me Sasha?"  She moved her index finger to Sasha's face.  "Katya?"  She moved her finger to Katya. 

When we got to a picture of the sweet, little dark-haired girl who took special care of Alina (we still don't know her name), she leaned forward and kissed the screen. 

She remembers.


  1. That is really interesting because I too have wondered how much Nadia remembers as well. I notice little things and wonder what she's thinking and if she's having flashbacks to her days in the orphanages--especially when I find her sobbing in her sleep. :( I need to try showing her some pictures of Irina, her special caretaker, and look for her reaction!

    Glad to see you came out from under the pile of dishes and laundry to share this post with us! :)

  2. Oh,why does that make me sad? They are so precious. Oh my.

  3. Dying to see Maria's pictures!!!!

  4. Oh the sweet little munchkin, what a tender little girl she is.
    Touched my heart

  5. Oh Lisa, that made me cry, what a precious little angel she is!

  6. oh what a sweet tender-hearted little angel... looking forward to seeing new pics of the girls :)