Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Happy Anniversary to Reece's Rainbow!

Today, Reece's Rainbow is celebrating 4 years of finding homes for orphans with special needs.

It isn't a secret that we feel strongly about the worth of people with Down syndrome, and about the important work that RR is doing. The number of children with disabilities that are hidden away overseas is staggering.

We know firsthand the beauty and promise that are being tossed aside in the many, many children waiting patiently for someone to find them and bring them home. Reece's Rainbow is the voice for a growing number of these children. But there is still great need.

Here is just one example: This precious little girl needs a family. She's captured my heart, but the most I can do right now is advocate for her. Who else loves her? Who will be her Yes? Who is going to go get her and help her find her smile again??

Jessie (Jessica) (23)

Girl, Born October 22, 2007
Jessie is darling!!! Brown hair and brown eyes, and totally healthy. Perfect age to benefit from early intervention, and to join her new family!

Here is another picture of Jessie, when she was little (look at this smile!):

**Jessie's birthday is the same day as our Sara's :). She is in an orphanage in Eastern Europe just waiting for someone to love her and tell her she's home for good. If she is not adopted before she turns 4, she will be sent to a mental institution.
Jessie does have Down syndrome, but is otherwise healthy.

If you would like to be Jessie's mama and papa, or if you would like more information on her, contact Andrea (you can find her contact info on the RR website). If you are not in a position to adopt, but would like to help Jessie find a family, please follow the link to her page on Reece's Rainbow (Children 0-2 with Down syndrome--you can donate at the top of the page, or scroll down to Orphanage 23 to find her profile). To contribute to her adoption fund, give directly to RR via Paypal or check and specify Jessie (23).


  1. I love this little girl! What a wonderful daughter she would be. Praying she has a family to love her very soon.....

  2. I can hardly breathe, this is the girl we have soooo strongly on our hearts, we are physically hurting for her...
    she would just fit in our family so well!
    ( my hubby shows her anyone who will just listen and calls her "my daughter" allready)
    It's just that we (living in Germany) can only start the homestudy in october because our youngest has to be one year old.
    I tried e-mailing RR but no answer,
    i think because we are not ready yet...
    I started reading "the connected child", we are in the proces of building another room to be ready for this upcoming homestudy,
    and honestly i want her to have a home as quick as possible but i do so much want her here with us....
    Love your blogs, go on like this!

  3. :) I know just how you feel! I am so happy to hear that others are thinking of her too!!