Saturday, December 19, 2009

Ready. Set. Go!

We've been busy this past week (and I've updated our sidebar with an Adoption Timeline which shows some of the things we have been doing)! We know that there is a little girl out there who needs us, so we hit the ground running. I feel like a contestant on the Amazing Race!

Since we had not considered adoption before finding Alina, we were not at all prepared for the mass amount of paperwork and details which are part of adopting internationally. We are getting acclimated quickly, though, and have found incredible support within the Down syndrome and Reece's Rainbow communities, and from friends and family.

We firmly believe that we were meant to find Alina--and to welcome her into our hearts and home--and are touched that so many others feel that way as well.

We are looking for current pictures and updates on Alina, and hope that we will have more information soon. We have finally figured out where she is living (and therefore where we will be visiting!), and have been in contact with other families who are adopting from the same orphanage.

Our home study is scheduled to begin when we return from our holiday travels. We have a lot to do in the next few months, but we are excited and ready to do whatever is necessary. I'll post here with new details and updates.

~Wishing everyone a wonderful holiday season filled with peace and love~


  1. CONGRATULATIONS! Lisa, I haven't been on your blog in a couple of weeks so I'm catching much has happened! I am so happy for you and your beautiful family, and look forward to following your journey.

    Good luck with all that lays ahead and here's hoping Alina finds her way home soon!

  2. So excited for you!!! We are right there with you on the paper chase!! We are hoping to submit by Feb 1st!!

  3. I am so happy for your family and for little Alina!

    The feeling of euphoria once the paperwork is done is magnificent! :) Looks like you are moving right along! Thanks for sharing your story on this blog, it is always fun to follow the journey!

    Have a Merry Christmas!

  4. I am just so incredibly happy for this sweet, beautiful girl to be going to such a great family. I've been seeing her picture on RR for quite some time and praying for her family to come find her. It's amazing how things work out this way.

  5. Hi, Lisa. This is Tracy (Lera's mommy). I typically keep to myself. VERY bad at leaving comments but I just wanted to congratulate you on your new edition. I have always loved what you write on your blog--so inspiring. Welcome to the journey. I look forward to following Alina's journey home

  6. I believe Alina was listed as Orphanage #20...? If so, that is where we adopted our girls in August. Be glad to answer questions for you. Congratulations and Best Wishes!