Friday, November 13, 2009

Friends & Fun

Look who was here last weekend (it's Leah from Everyday Elliott!):

We had a lovely visit with the Elliott family (Mary, Eric, Greg & Leah) last Sunday night. Bridget and Leah are close in age (Bridget is about 6 months older than Leah), and are close in size. Leah is almost as tall, but much lighter than Bridget. And, for such a tiny thing, she puts away the food :).

The girls were sweet together. They both like baby dolls, phones, music and coloring. All of the other kids enjoyed one another, too!

A sweet and funny moment of the night: Leah's big brother, Greg, was delighted to find that we have a Captain America costume (and coloring book). He also discovered the big t.v. in our theater room and wanted to stay and watch a movie (of course, just as it was time for them to leave)...which brought about some tears...from Greg (genuine) and then from Leah (sympathetic) and then from Bridget (sympathetic). Greg was sprawled out in a bean bag, in the Captain America costume, in tears, with Bridget and Leah both fake-crying and also trying to console Greg and each other. Aside from Greg's tears, it was h-i-l-a-r-i-o-u-s.

We had a great time. Please come back soon, friends.

*Excuse the quality of the big camera is out for repair :(. We'll get more shots of the girls together next time!


  1. It was hilarious! We had such a wonderful time. Greg has asked about going back to Bridget's house many, many times this week. Thank you for having us over.

    I'm so glad you posted pictures. I love them and will be linking to them in my next post. Next time we get together we'll have a little photo shoot!

  2. oh that looks like so much fuN!!!!!

  3. How sweet. I love that the girls got together.

  4. I love seeing your two girls together! It sounds like everyone had a great time, even if going home was hard for some. :-)