Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Safety Tent Salvation

Chris and I were talking in our room the other day just after I put Bridget down for her nap. Her baby monitor was on, and I could hear her quietly talking and playing...then suddenly a loud BOOM came over the monitor, followed by silence.

I knew exactly what had happened, although this was a first. She was screaming as I came flying down the hall, around the corner and into her bedroom to find her laying face-first on the floor with a bloody lip and the texture of her rug tattooed on her forehead.

She's been trying to lift her foot onto the crib rail for quite some time now, but she's so short that her toes barely reach. Of our five children, no one else has climbed (or fallen) out of the crib, although all were certainly capable of either at one point or another. None of our other children ever attempted to climb over the back of the family room couch, out of the bathtub, or over the highchair tray. But Bridget has--and does.

I found her by the front door recently on her tiptoes reaching for the doorknob with a purse over her shoulder & sunglasses on her head. Hmmn. And she used to play happily in her pack-and-play while I made dinner, or worked on my computer, or cleaned our first floor. Once she realized she could easily make it over the rail and let herself out, my peaceful cooking, writing and cleaning ended. I now spend most of the day tailing her and trying to keep her safe.

When Bridget was a baby, more than one person commented on how lucky I was that she'd be an easy and agreeable youngest child. Bridget must have missed the memo on that one :). She has very definite ideas and knows just how to carry them out. She's flexible and strong and determined. And she does not miss a trick.

This is my two-and-a-half-year-old child whose pretend sneeze fools everyone, who knows exactly how to use an eyelash curler, who doesn't really talk but has figured out about 15 different ways to tell (or show) us she's hungry.

This is all to say that Miss Smarty-pants has a new safety tent over her crib, and I will be able to sleep tonight.

Now if they only made one for the family room couch, the bathtub, the highchair...


  1. Ha - how gorgeous! I always wanted a lid for the twins cots but didn't know you could really get them. Kit used to climb out of his and over the chest of draws into Hannah's!

  2. lisa, i had to laugh at this. ben fell down a few of our stairs this past week--he crawled under the baby gate--something that neither of our other kids ever figured out! and that little smirk of his fools other people all the time! he's so naughty! i love the pic of bridget with her face smushed against the new tent! sweet dreams my friend!

  3. What a good idea. It could be like a tent party.

  4. Bridget is a smart little girl!!!.
    Love the pictures :0)

  5. I had one of those!! Now she loves the monkey bars and just about any sport! Good Luck!

  6. You make me laugh! I LOVE the sunglasses on the head bit - just too cute!

  7. I am sorry but I too am sitting here having a great laugh. What an image I have in my head from the listening to the sunglasses and purse.

    I love your girl!! Spunk that comes straight from her mama!

  8. Ohhhh, ouch! She doesn't look too thrilled with her new tent... She's so cute!

  9. Oh my goodness, how adorable! She's a very determined young lady! Sammi was never a climber, which I suppose is good in some ways, but bad in others, because it definitely says something about her gross and fine motor skills. Have you thought about a toddler bed yet? We gate Samantha's room so she can't get out (although she doesn't know how to open doorknobs yet), and just hope she doesn't trash her room too badly before we get in there in the mornings and after naps. I hope the tent works well for you guys!

  10. OMG! Thanks for the warning! I have a feeling it's going to be a wild, fun and crazy ride with Joaquin :)!!!
    I'm just worried about those sharp little teeth poking through when he falls etc. Does B have sharp teeth?

  11. Yes, her bottom teeth are razors. I worried endlessly about her falling and those little teeth causing a major problem. We've had no issues with that, though, and I do think they are a little less sharp already. The dentist said they would naturally begin to wear down (some).

    It is too funny how our youngest children are wanting to test the limits. Joaquin is adorable! I love it that he is all over the place. I know it is a tough phase for you, but it pleases me to no end that he's exploring, making messes, getting into everything. He is doing exactly what he should be doing!!