Thursday, January 29, 2009

Sleeping sick

Our sweet little girl has been under the weather with a cold-type virus and a really bad ear infection.

She's been pretty miserable, but is starting to feel better. After days of existing on applesauce, Motrin and Hi-5 (and resisting naps/sleeping restlessly at night), she finally fell asleep...with me...on my bed.

She'd insisted on laying on me all afternoon...patting my arm (and cheek and leg) to say: "You just stay right here, please". After 3 hours, she fell asleep at last (I did, too). I woke up and grabbed my camera...she was just too cute all snuggled in our fuzzy throw blanket. Just FYI, I did not wake her up taking pics :), the phone rang :(. Notice the one eye open in the picture below.

We have another snow day today. It's beautiful outside and there's nowhere we have to go, so we are settling in together for an afternoon of movies and games (and probably more applesauce, Motrin and Hi-5)...


  1. Her mama is almost as beautiful as she is :)

    I am so glad you found me through Zoey. I've kept in touch with Sid and have prayed and worried about him and Denise.

    Hope she feels better soon!!

  2. ohh... Don't you just hate getting woken up by the phone! Poor Bridget...I hope she feels better soon. She looks so cozy, cozy in the blanket! I love the new pictures you posted below...just beautiful!

  3. Poor baby! I sure do hope she is feeling better by now.

    My kids love Hi-5!

  4. May Bridget be HEALTHY and STRONG ~

  5. Bridget is so beautiful! Even sick. :-) I hope she feels better soon! By the way, we're about to move, and I think I want to paint Samantha's room the color of your blog background. Love it! (Sorry, that was so random!)

  6. The color (I call it seafoam-aqua) is my favorite color in the whole wide world. Our nursery was painted this color first,and it is "our color" for Bridget's Buddy Walk team. My office is painted "Forget Me Not" by Coronado is a beautiful shade...a bit lighter than the blog, but not much. Check out Benjamin Moore #2044-40 (light touch, crystal clear, bermuda teal, and amelia island blue) for Sammi's room :)...

  7. Pink cheeks- so familiar. And I love the one eye open...