Sunday, November 23, 2008

Ending one day and starting another...

I haven't posted yet in November, and the month is almost over. With the Buddy Walk in September and blogging each day of October for Ds awareness month, the three-week break was more than a little needed. I have been visiting other blogs when there has been a free moment, and I've loved having a chance to catch up on some good reading and inspiring dialogue.

My own advocacy efforts will be growing in scope over the upcoming year. I will share more as plans are finalized...

This past three weeks have been a bit of a blur. We've all been sick at one point or another with a variety of beginning-of-the-winter bugs (postponing our playdate with the Elliott's), and Chris has been out of town on business more than usual. The boys' basketball season started and school conferences have come and gone. Late at night, when the house has been quiet, I've started and finished my holiday shopping on-line. And now, more boxes are arriving than I can find space for.

Anyway, when Chris was gone recently, Sara slept in his spot. All the kids stay in the room with me when he's away, and the girls take turns sleeping next to me. The boys have an air bed on the floor, and there is another single bed on the floor for Emmy or Sara, whichever one is not with me.

There is a pack-n-play right next to my bed for Bridget, but she likes to snuggle as she falls asleep. I pulled her into bed with me and Sara the other night. She was sandwiched between us, all of our cheeks in a row. The three of us took up only the space in the middle of the bed. We fell asleep like that, together, with Sara's arms around Bridget, and my arms around Sara. Sometime in the middle of the night, I lifted Bridget from Sara's arms and laid her in the pack-n-play next to me.

In the morning, Bridget was the first to wake. I heard her tiny voice before daylight: "Mom Mom". I pulled her back into bed just as Sara's alarm sounded. Sara's eyes were still closed, but she sighed when she felt Bridget next to her. "What a great way to fall asleep and wake up...with this little girl beside me," she whispered.