Thursday, September 04, 2008

What Sarah Palin Has Done...

What Sarah Palin has done for the Down syndrome community and beyond:

September 3, 2008--the day millions became aware that Down syndrome is not something to fear. In the course of one evening, Ds awareness reached new heights as an international audience listened to Gov. Sarah Palin speak at the Republican National Convention and also caught several glimpses of her beautiful son Trig (who happens to have Ds).

Whether it was seeing Trig with his dad, being fed or sleeping in a sibling's arms (even watching his seven-year-old sister lovingly holding him, then lick her hand and reach down to "slick" his hair); or seeing Sarah Palin herself proudly carrying him on stage (with Trig facing outward)--the message was clear: We are not hiding our son, or our love for him. Trig is an important member of our family. He is an individual, a person, who is accepted, valued and loved.

(Associated Press Photos)
In one evening, Gov. Palin and her family have shown that families are made of individuals--bound together by love--that work together to overcome obstacles; that disability is a natural and normal part of Life; and that people with Ds deserve the same love and respect as anyone else.

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  1. Hi LP, I just found your blog @ the Gifts website. Bridget is a beautiful, sweet and happy baby !!! Thank you so much for this GREAT post. I agree with you 100% :D
    Many Blessings ~