Thursday, August 21, 2008

Bridget at 25 months

From these pictures, you wouldn't know that we are considering changing Bridget's middle name to "TROUBLE"...she is into everything right now :)!

I keep finding her with my calculators (punching the buttons--pretending to talk on the phone), or on the family room couch (remote in hand) changing the t.v. channels.

She is fully capable of walking independently, but is super cautious & still likes to rest her hand on something (anything) before taking a step. She will take a few steps toward the couch or coffee table (or one of us) by herself. She has recently also started squatting and standing in the middle of a room.

This month, she's learned the signs for "monkey", "shadow" and "ice cream". (I'll post a list of the other signs she knows).

If we ask her to do a "shoulder shimmy", Bridget will lean forward, grin & wiggle her shoulders back and forth. She also kicks her foot vigorously if we ask her, "Bridget, can you dance?" :).

We are busy getting ready for the upcoming Buddy Walk. This is our first year having a team!