Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Celebrating Bridget

We are so thankful for the little girl that came into our lives two years ago today. Bridget has filled our lives with joy. There’s a fire—and at the same time, a purity—in her that’s etched a deep and distinct mark on our hearts and lives.

Knowing Bridget and learning alongside her, the lessons are clear. One of the many things we’ve come to understand: a diagnosis is just one aspect of a person—it is only one dimension.

When Down syndrome is diagnosed, it is hard to imagine your child with distinct personality traits and interests. Unfortunately, all you know is a diagnosis, and that your child has a disability.

Yes, Bridget is a little girl with Down syndrome. But that doesn’t even begin to explain who she is. She’s colorful, honest, willful, sweet, and spirited. She is full of Life. In her, we see a vibrant person—the expression, the giggle, the depth—and this incredible light.

No matter what she’s doing, Bridget gives her all. Her heart is true, her spirit boundless and her potential infinite.

Happy Birthday, sweet Bridget. We love you so much!

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